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Dr.Devishree Guruji name that resonates with Goodness, Good will, name synonymous with divinity for his devotees. A profound Holistic healer, Counsellor, Astronumimerologist. A friend Philosopher, Guide and a true Philanthropist, Dr. Devishree Guruji shines bright as shining armour as a silver lining, a ray of hope to millions of devotees world over who look up to in need of guidance at their darkest hour. An ardent worshipper of Mahakaali, he values “TIME AS PRIME” Quality in thoughts ad positive actions drives him to achieve even the impossible for his devotees.

Guruji is “Mithabhaashi”, prefers silence and solitude and it is this silence which speaks volumes of his greatness and his achievements. Genuinely blessed with excellent clairvoyance and intuitional abilities Guruji connects with his disciples via “TELEPATHY” which makes the disciple feel like walking with the divine. Dr.Devishree Guruji has travelled the length and breath of India in same with nature from pilgrimages, holy shrines to holy river basins, the path he travels is Punyabhoomi for his disciples across the globe. Vaayubhakshana kriya saadhana a specific siddi which Guruji has mastered during his spiritual journey at Himalaya has given immense power to sustain life without food for days in severe climatic conditions.

With constant practice of yoga and meditation on day to day basses helps him contain his physical, mental wellbeing. Thereby infusing him with rich healing powers’ and shine bright with his radiant AURA. Simplicity, humbleness and disciplined way of life makes Guruji all the more successful and admirable. Dr. Devishree Guruji has panned many books in order to educate people and create awareness about our “SANATANA DHARMA” . An eloquent speaker, lakhs of devotes gather to hear his pravachanas and just to share a glimpse of his holiness, which helps them handle their plain and responsibilities with Guruji’s grace and bliss.

Dr. Devishree Guruji Fells his devotes heart with rainbow of happiness, health, Healing power and holiness. 10 to 15 days a month he travels Devabhoomi and all around HIMALAYA to restore his healing energy and for spiritual progression. Dr.Devishree Guruji is a firm believer of word “JOURNEY” he preaches what he practises that “journey is a 2 way companion” a)JOURNEY : That leads us to joyous progressive life outward. b)JOURNEY: That is Inward having its source in spirituality.


  •   Esteem title conferred by Dr. Devishree Guruji
  •   Dharmika Ratna-2010
  •   Jyothishya Padmashree- 2011
  •   Ramalashstra Pandith-2011
  •   Jyothishya Gnani-2012
  •   Agama Alankara Chatura- 2012
  •   Jyothishya Rathna-2013
  •   Honorary Doctorate-2014 and Rashtra Vibhushan Award – conferred. Recently at New Delhi for being the youngest efficient citizen of India involved in the Noble Deed of Social Service.
  •   Guruji presently holds the esteemed position of Honorary vice president of karnataka Govt. Endowment department's Agamika Archakaa Association.

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